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New scene for Nelly in The Case of Mr. Perry

Here’s a fragment of a scene we shot as a proof of concept for “The Case of Mr. Perry”, directed by Jake Bann and produced by Joan Pla and myself.

Prosecutor – Nelly Castillo
Defense Attorney – Rey Lopez
Witness – Lisa Timmons
Mr. Perry – Sergio Marcian
Stenographer – Laura Candioti
Produced by Joan Pla and Nelly Castillo
Director/Editor: Jake Bann
DP: Nathan Tieman
Production Design: Ellen Dorros
1st Assistant Camera: Jaime Esteban
Sound: Jason Moran
Gaffer: John Elkin
Grip: Chandler Lynn
Art PA: Tamy Santos
PA: Aura Quiroz
Stylist: Gema Sanchez
Colorist: James Boger

Special Thanks to Greg Allen and Julia Fontana

©2015.Vendetta Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


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